startups for indiaIndia became as the third largest country in base for Tech Startups in the world according to a research conducted by NASSCOM. At present there are 4,100 startup Software enterprises are located in India and the industry is expected at the 11,500 startups by the year 2020. India has 300 million online users and it may get increased by another 200 million members by the year of 2017. Everyday access to 3G, 4G or Wifi spots is getting expanded if the enterpreneurs can get disrupted to create new markets. The ratio of startup remains get positive always day by day with almost three to startups are performed on every day.

E-commerce Firms are making a good attempt to break the India’s Rural Market share in get collided with the Government’s Digital India Platform. The leading shopping giants are namely Flipkart, Snapdeal, Infibeam and Paytm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, with government to reach the rural areas even better and villages respectively. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology was willing to connect the e-commerce companies with the common service centres in villages and it has nearly for 100,000 CSCs. Also they are planning to set up for another 90,000 by the end of March 2016. Indian Government is believing stronger on CSC, where it will generate more employment by developing the ancillary industries such as handicrafts and textiles.

Paytm has reviewed that CSCs will be used as the payment banks in future and for recruiting banking executives in the villages. Snapdeal is helping the Khadi product markets in Uttar Pradesh and make them sold through online, infibeam has a best team to train the village level enterpreneurs who are already joined their hands with helping and making dispatched to online orders. The Digital India campaign will mark India to the new GDP level of US $550 billion and even to $1 Trillion by the year 2025 if all goes in a successful way.


amazon warehouseOnline shopping customers in India are crazier over the products which are sold in the ecommerce website. Within a short span of time, ecommerce in India arose to $110 billion logistics and warehousing properties. The existing locality spaces which are known as “Godowns” gives shelter with the poor ventilation and only a shutter space to ward off the heat and dust were very old and cramped. The Shopping giants like retail Agent and Indian rival are in need of requesting the e-tailers, where the goods are need to be moved around with the minimal damage.

The shopping giants demand for fire sprinkler systems, climate control, paved roads to warehouses with simply increasing the lift rents for up to 20 percent. Ben Salmon, Head of Singapore-based Assertz Property Group has raised with $50 million from the Asian Investors to purchase the warehouses in India. E-commerce in India is booming and the market is expected to grow to $200 billion in terms of value of goods that will be sold by 2025 according to a survey conducted by Bank of America.

India is set to double more than 200 million square feet by 2020, with 20 percent increase of space that are added in first half of 2015. Amazon India has leased for about 20 fulfilment centres and warehouses where it stores goods and packs with sorting type of orders. In Last 18 months more landlords still requires for bigger, modern spaces and very much closer to customers so amazon decided to lease for about 200,000 square feet. Warburg and Developer Embassy Group planning to invest $250 million to build, lease and operate a portfolio of up to 20 million square feet of warehouses within 5 – 7 years.




freeohfreeE-commerce which arose in India in recent years is rocking among all youngsters, where you can feel hassle free shopping by seating in front of the computer or smartphone. The online shopping giants make the customers crazier on their shopping mood, and encourage buying with the cheap price. is the new online ecommerce shopping portal which was launched few months ago, which will look over the customer mindset and give fresh daily deals and offers. This website will give info on the latest offers that are available in free recharge, how to earn free money though installing apps in smartphone, best reviews on all electronics products and casual tricks to be handled in easier way.

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E-commerce Giant Alibaba has spent more than $14 billion in November 11 “Singles Day” which was considered as the world’s biggest online shopping day. Alibaba sale has reputed the worries over China’s Slowing economy and it has evolved for the biggest sale since 2009 to promote the product through its platforms. Last year it has merchandise the volume sales of about $9.3 billion when it was compared with the present year sale. The sale has reached about more than double $6.6 billion and the Chinese consumer’s strong demand for the international products.

Alibaba have morethan 40,000 merchants and 30,000 brands from 25 different countries which sells goods on its platforms. In US largest online shopping event Cyber Monday bought $2 billion sales from desktops during the day and it has hammered over the Chinese worrying economy. stands to benefit with Taoboa platform and it dominates the consumer-to-consumer online market. Tmall Platform is believed to be more commandable with the half of the Chinese market for business to consumer transactions.

Alibaba’s Sale of about $14 billion, equals to Amazon’s Two months of Global sale and Flipkart’s One year sale. For the First time in Seven year history Alibaba had ranged in Single’ Day and this event was televised on Hunan TV and streamed live on Youku Tudou with the featuring appearances from Chinese celebrities and singers.



Snapdeal India’s biggest e-commerce company turned with the explosive growth in recent years, which has emerged with nascent stages and grabbed the India’s E-commerce industry. India’s Gross Domestic Product is 2 Trillions USD Dollars today and it is 70 percent of that consumption with 10 percent and it moves to online space. has captured the market share of 35-40 percent India’s online retail market which was expected to grow from USD 5 billion today to USD 75 billion over with the next for 5 to 10 years.

 Snapdeal is India’s fourth most valuable start up company which was founded in 2010, where the website drives more than 25 million subscribers and over 150,000 businesses that sells on the leading platform.  It tooks for nearly three years to get the first 100,000 sellers and the next 100,000 will be provided or coming in just six months. Recently a report was conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India which has grown along with Price water house coopers.

Snapdeal’s rapid growth has not escaped from many of the investors around the world and the media reports favour with technology businesses. In June China’s e-commerce behemoth Alibaba and Taiwan’s contract handset manufacturer Foxconn are in major talks about the value of the company shares that could value for USD 5 billion. The shopping industry is right now private capital markets and it has become much deeper for the flexibility in execution with a long term orientation in the planning.





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