Appreciating The Beauty You Are

We live in a world where we now have to think in a certain way. We have to look in a certain way to be accepted as beautiful. We have to have certain parts of our body to be a particular size to be seen as beautiful. We live in a world where this phenomenon has gained a lot of ground, as we helplessly watch!

A world where we are made to feel ugly, sick, angry and insecured just because of our looks. A world where the less natural you are, the better you are accepted as beautiful!
What a world!

I sit and wonder why how we have allowed ourselves to be so brainwashed by what we see and hear. Why we have allowed our fellow beings to define how we look and what is accepted as ‘beautiful’.

“What is wrong with our natural look?”

You are worried about your face, nose, ears, breasts, stomach, thighs.. You are not happy because you feel you are too short, too tall, too fat or too thin. You hate the stretch marks and cellulites on your body. You feel you are not beautiful because you have been comparing yourself with what is currently regarded as ‘beautiful’ right?

If you are, then it is time to change your mind set.


I want you, who is reading this to know that you are beautiful- in every way. Just like all fingers are not equal so also we are diverse in our beauty. Just like the fingers work together to hold any object so also our diverse looks make us who we are, actually unique and beautiful giving a colorful world when we come together too.

There is beauty in diversity. There is strength in unity. Therefore our diversity is actually our strength. We don’t need to change this, rather we need to appreciate and be proud of who we are.. To me that is beauty and being beautiful!

Your shortcomings may be another person’s love, so appreciate who you are and what God has bestowed on you. Be contended, be happy and accept who you are. In other words, be comfortable in your skin and you will eb appreciated.

Exercise, watch what you eat and refuse to compare yourself with any other because you are YOU! And you are beautiful!

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“Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images”- Cheri K. Erdman

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The Power Of Thinking

I was working out one evening and I got thinking. My thoughts were random as I continued jogging. Then, like an electric wave (in my brain) this question pop up

“If I’m in control of my 24 hours once yearly, what would I do or achieve?”

I stopped jogging and started walking. I was thinking and I could not come up with any answer. It surprised me because I just didn’t know what I could do with such power!

My heart was wondering trying to figure out what the answer was but to no avail. I could not answer this question so I posted it on my status on a social network, there was no answer! I guess people were clueless just like myself. This question kept me thinking for days and weeks.

Finally, after some weeks I was able to get an answer to this question. With this experience, I came to understand why self discovery is difficult and equally important. I also came to understand why certain things like questions in our lives are difficult to explain, describe and answer. I understood that sometimes we have more questions than answers in life. That questions that get you thinking are like paths that lead to discovery (it could be self discovery). This path of discovery leads you to these answers (which may be solutions to challenges in our lives). That is the power in thinking.

I realized when we give much thought to any question that pose as challenge, we could actually figure out solution to them by thinking through.

This is not the same as worrying. When you are worried, you are not thinking about getting a solution. You are only killing yourself with stress and maybe high blood pressure.

When you think, you want answers. You are focused on the question which may be a challenge in your life. However, when your worry you are not focused on getting answers, rather you are creating more problems. You are complicating the question you are seeking answers to.

We all have some questions yet to be answered. But one thing I learnt from this experience is going the extra-mile in trying to get answers. Tasking our brain just a little more could help!

And the reward – did I tell you how exhilarating it was? It felt real good when I figured out my answer

Believe me, giving just a little more thought to that question or challenge could actually invoke that power of thought that are innately in us. You have that power in you. It is just left for you t reach in deep and tap it. As for the answer to the question, check out my next post

I would be glad if you can share any experience that invoked the power of thinking in you.

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“Clear thoughts produce clear results”- Remez Sasson



12 Lessons I Have Learned In Marriage

Marriage is an institution where two persons agree to share their lives together…hopefully forever. Being married for a while now, these are lessons I have learned so far in this journey.
I have come to learn that marriage is a journey that requires a lot of patience…lots of it! The older the marriage, the more patient you become. Not born with this- patience, but it one thing I have come to know you cannot do without.
I have come to learn to give and let go… As a single person, there were certain beliefs and ideas I lived with. But with marriage, I have to come to realize that things did not fit into my marriage, I had to take the ultimate decision of letting them go. The picture of my marriage as a single person does not necessarily agree with my reality, now that I am married, they are quite different.
I have come to learn that I have my roles- wife and mother. These roles are tasking and serious if you really want to be successful.
I have come to learn you cannot have your way all the time… Sometimes, you need to be silent to achieve your result. You need to let him lead the way for you to finally get your way.
I have to learn and know proving your points all the time does not do much. Rather, it leads to complications, lots of argument and waste of energy and time.
#6 I have learn to present the best gift to my wife on my marriage bought Manik stones ring in my marriage.

I have come to learn and know that prayer is essential and it works! Pray about anything and everything and you would notice changes.
I have come to learn and know he is also my son and not only a husband and a father.
I have come to learn and know every marriage is unique; hence what works for me may not be acceptable in another marriage. I realized that based on this, you cannot necessarily judge but respect that marriage. Also try to learn something.
I have come to know that you cannot lean only on your understanding. You have to listen to people around when they talk. People who are genuinely concerned about you and your home. They see what you don’t see, hear what you don’t hear…sometimes.
I have come to learn not to dwell on show of negative attitudes and behavior exhibited in your home by others. Hurtful sometimes, yes but overlook and focus on the bright side of life. Dwelling on negativity is unhealthy…don’t let anyone rob you of your happiness. It’s yours. Just let go.
I have come to learn to do the right thing.. Sometimes its easy, sometimes its difficult but you still get it done, sometimes you struggle but no matter the situation, you keep making effort to get it right.
You just keep working.

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Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Again, if two lie together, they keep warm, but how can one keep warm alone? And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken”- Eccl. 4:9-12

“More marriages would survive if the partners realized sometimes the better comes after the worse”- Doug Larson

Being Passionate About What You Do

As I yawned away tiredly, I knew I had worked hard today. I have been making jewelries since 12 noon. And its already past 7 pm. I told myself I had to pack up and close for the day.

I got ready to exercise. As this is essential for this type of job where you get to sit for several hours in a spot, only using your hands! I yawned once more and I looked at the table. The display of jewelries I just completed made me smile. I felt good inside. I felt happy and fulfilled!

The best of that night was when my teenage son walked in and screamed “Waoh! mummy, which of these is mine?”
“They are so beautiful! ” His statement crowned it all and I felt so good for the time spent in creating these jewelries. This is just a typical day though the time may vary. Sometimes, I have to do school runs and of course family related activities.

Image result for jewelry

This is simply because I love what I do! No matter how many hours spent, the mistakes, the challenges, I still get fulfilled immediately I’m done! I still smile even with the aches and pains.. I simply just love what I do! And I’m grateful to God for this!

Fulfill Jewelry

Sometimes, its even difficult to express myself when I finish certain pieces. I wonder how I made such! It’s so much work (you may not realize it) but at the end of the day, even when I’m dog tired, I still manage to have a big smile and satisfaction only my job gives me. I know this what I want to do. It is my call. It is my business. It’s my job and I love it. It’s not about the money but about the fulfillment I derive from it. It even feels better when I hear complements about any of my piece. This encourages me to improve and get better in what I love doing.

As we know, our jobs take up a substantial part of our lives. We spent a lot of time there hence the need to really love and enjoy what we do.

I’m thankful to God again because there are a lot of people who just work to pay bills and not because they LOVE their jobs. There are a lot of people who are yet to find their purpose- that job, business or career that give them such fulfillment. They are still searching…

I know I’m lucky to have found what I’m passionate about; to be my job, business or whatever you wish to call it…designing and making beautiful jewelries using jade stone, Jade is also one of the precious stone in the world know “how much is jade worth“.

For those of you out there still searching for that right business or job, I just want you to keep looking and don’t give up. You would definitely find it sooner than expected. Pray about it and you would find it.

Just to apologize for not writing for a while…Thanks.

“Commit your work to the LORD, and then your plans will succeed” -Prov.16:3

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle” – Steve Jobs


Hands of Time

During the last holidays, I showed my 2 young daughters an adventure I had the opportunity to embark when I was their age. An adventure that is relatively not known any more all because of ‘modern lifestyle’. It’s really sad that these things are fading away. I just wonder and wish I could actually take back the hands of time…

Let me tell you what I’m talking about…this adventure.

Way back when I was about 7 years old, I used to prepare and ‘cook’ delicious meals outside in the open at home with my siblings and friends. We would gather dry sticks and use it as firewoods, make our tripod stands with stones and broken cement blocks and then use empty tins of beverages as cooking pots.

We gathered foodstuffs by contributing from our homes. After gathering the foodstuffs, we commence cooking our meal. We share the responsibilities- who to wash the rice or any food stuff we have agreed to prepare. Who to pour the water into the pot, slice the onion, who to keep the fire burning and so on.

It was a lot of hard work as we get to run around in the hot scorching sun with drops of sweat running down our dark skin! Oh when I look back, I just remember how much energy we put into this adventure and just how much it meant to us! How much we enjoyed it! What pure fun it was!

I still remember how the hot tins ( cooking pots) gradually turns black with smoke. How we burn our fingers as a result of ‘fanning’ the woods in other to keep the flame burning. How we cough and have tears run down our eyes because of the thick black blue smoke! How we were so committed and determined to finish cooking our meal. And how proud and accomplished we were when we were done.

When the meal is ready, we then decide who takes who and get down to share it. Most times, we invite our guests, the lizards, chickens and other domestic animals to join us in enjoying our meal. Part of the food is given out to them.

Oh I remember those days and they still put pure fun and joy to my face. I still smile and reflect…
This is the adventure I did subject my girls to during the holidays. The only difference is that theirs was a bit modernized. After fanning the woods for a while, it never produced enough flame so my little daughter began to complain. So we moved our ‘pot’ from the tripod stand outside to the cooking gas in my kitchen.

Both of them prepared the ingredients- rice, onions, oil, tomatoes, etc. I helped by adding pepper to the meal. What pure fun they had that day! I still see the commitment and determination I once shared with my comrades way back then. I looked at them and smiled because I knew I felt the same way.

We completed the adventure and their excitement was way over the board. In fact, I have not rested simply because they want another round of the adventure!

I ‘m glad they had fun and I did it with them!

Today’s society is all about gadgets and games. Our kids do not have the opportunity to play in the sand, walk on the streets, cook with fire woods, run around with domestic animals and really experience nature.

This is just one out of many adventures and fun I had when I was a child. I hope to continue doing this and expose them more to such fun and interaction with the environment.

I loved it! and they did too! I believe we didn’t have anything to lose!

Make out time for such adventures with your kids! Believe me, its fun!

Please share with your friends and family and let me hear from you, if you ever embarked on this.

“The purpose of life is to live it; to taste and experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for richer and newer experience”- Eleanor Roosevelt

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A Wonderful Love

Written by a good friend, this gives an insight of a love that is undiluted and eternal. A love best experienced. Enjoy!

My life was spinning out of control. I was walking the path of destruction when I saw Him! He
looked kind of funny to me, all beaten up and bloody. He seem to stretch His hands out in a beckoning gesture but I didn’t care to look His way again. He was creepy and I was in a hurry.

I was on a roller coaster to hell. Truth was far from my heart and my lips; I found wisdom but sold her; hate and bitterness were my friends. I found a place with anger and malice and shut the door against sound knowledge. I couldn’t care less for chastity, she was too posh. 

As I danced on my way with pride in my steps, I saw the bloody man again! Wait a minute! I thought I left Him behind! This time He came closer and I saw His face! It was beaten out of shape! His body seem twisted and when He beckoned on me, His fingers dripped blood!

He seemed to say “Child, come to me, I want to save you”.
Pfft! “Who needed saving?” I thought….with ears blocked from the loud noise of the world and heart filled with haughtiness, I went on my way faster now to my end.

Darkness was my sister, gloom my blanket at night. I had lost all conscience, my life was a shadow of itself. Tears were my constant solace, revenge, a way of life. There was no stopping me from this verge of destruction, no one could save me, my heart has been hardened from years and years of abuse; I was far gone into a world of nothingness.

But alas! This man wouldn’t stop following me, wouldn’t stop beckoning! I couldn’t tell if I was afraid of Him or afraid that His soothing voice was going to break me. And then I stopped! I looked at Him in the eye and what I saw jolted me! No one has ever looked at me with such tenderness and love!

There He told me of a love so pure and so wonderful, He had the most soothing, reassuring voice. As I stood there and listened, all the years of bitterness, anger flooded my soul. The force brought me to my knees as I let out a cry of anguish. The tears wouldn’t stop. I suddenly realized how empty I was, how lost my soul has been, how life has played a fast one on me.

The tears wouldn’t stop! What is happening to me? Why do I feel so choked up and awful and dirty and lost all at once? Then I cried out to Him “Save me”. All of a sudden, He was on a cross, bleeding from His head, sides,, feet and I heard Him say “It is finished!”

There I was, underneath His feet, His blood pouring on me, and as it poured, it was like water and soap on my soul, the filth was been washed away bit by bit…all the years of pain taken away underneath that cross.

“It is finished!” His words played in my heart over and over, He has taken it all away! As I stood to look up at the wondrous man on the cross, He suddenly was beside me with a dazzling white, gorgeous dress. It was for me. He clothed me and told me it was mine to keep white till He returns to take me home. 

Now, my walk has a spring not of boastful pride but of confidence. He has made my life well.The narrow gate is where my heart is and with his love, I will make it there…Amen..

Thanks for your time.

“Love is not maximum emotion. Love is maximum commitment”- Sinclair B. Ferguson

“Come now, and let us reason together; saith the Lord, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they be red as crimson, they shall be as wool – Isaiah1:18